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“Hey everybody, it’s Tacky!”

Tacky and I are very excited that you’ve come to visit. She’s purring and I’m grinning. We hope you’ll join us in our future adventures. It’s gonna be Grrreat!

“Bart the Bear would make a wonderful children’s book as a tool for parents whose child has lost someone like a grandparent, parent, close relative or a friend.”


on 'Bart the Bear'

“I get all kinds of “columns” from people who think they’re the next Dave Barry or Erma Bombeck. I turn them back, one after another. But yours look pretty good…”

John Silveira

Senior Editor, Backwoods Home Magazine

“I’m envisioning you back in medieval times, wandering the country, (England, in my mind) lute in hand, ready to tell your tales for a meal, & some hospitality, perhaps at some Baron’s beck & call.
Or even, a la Woody Guthrie, a more modern troubadour!”


on 'Gratefulness'

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